Thank you 2018, you were absolutely awesome! We shot some beautiful weddings, we met some amazing couples, we learnt once again that every single wedding, despite trends and traditions is different and it is this uniqueness and personality that makes great wedding photos.

      We started looking back at the beautiful weddings we had the pleasure of shooting during 2018 back in December, it was wonderful to sit down and enjoy our work, its been a really busy year and it’s easy to forget to take it all in, assess and admire our photographs and celebrate what we have achieved.

      Weddings take over a little and we don’t have as much time left for family shoots, but when we do them we love them so much! As cheesy as it sounds family shoots are so special to us because they are capturing a moment in time which will go by in a flash and essentially we are capturing memories that can be kept forever. Family shoots can be challenging, we are asking families to act natural and have fun, ignoring the big camera that is all around!

      Children do not fake it,  if they are not enjoying it then the photographs are not going to be great. So these shoots are always challenging but loads of fun and we know that the photographs of smiling faces are 100% genuine.

      Once again we tried to pick our favourite photographs from 2018, but once again that was an impossible task! There would have been thousands, there would have been categories for the most romantic photograph, the most personal, the best story told, most artistic, best light… the list goes on, we would have loved that but it might have been a bit boring for you!

      So we have enjoyed looking back at the years photographs and we invite you to look back at our albums and share with us your personal favourites.

      Here are just a few of our highlights from 2018.

      Thank you to all of our special MBP couples and families, you made our year, your weddings were beautiful, quirky, emotional and so much fun. Your families were warm, welcoming and a pleasure to capture!

      We have another busy year ahead and we cannot wait to get stuck in to 2019!

      Jen and Phil’s Laid Back London Wedding

      Charlie and Ian’s Beautiful High House Wedding

      Epic Portrait’s of Kate and Chris


      Louise and Nick’s Intimate Wedding at The Old Parish Rooms

      Leigh on Sea Family Shoot