I’m super excited to announce my new family film offering; firstly I’m sorry for the massive silence on here. As I’m sure you can imagine, Weddings have been slow (or non-existent) so I haven’t had much to show you on that front. 

      I have spent the best part of a year focusing on family offerings and honestly, I’ve loved every minute. Family shoots get forgotten in the midst of busy wedding seasons, and it’s these everyday moments that are such an honor to capture. We do at least have the last year to thank for bringing that home. 

      When restrictions eased I met some lovely families and captured the beautiful bond they share. One of my favourite shoots was my own brother’s family, marking his daughter’s first birthday. One of the things I love about being a photographer is that I get to take pictures of all the people I love to create a little archive of history for our family for generations to come. 

      And of course, I’ve spent a huge amount of time snapping my own family, my wife and our 1 year old, Jesse. I’ve had so much fun celebrity families that I am  now offering something completely new on the family front, a film we call ‘’A Year In The Life Of’

      Since becoming a dad, I’ve realised how many photographs and videos our families are featured in that are hidden away from the world, lost in the gallery on our phones. We all have a camera and a video camera in our pockets pretty much 24/7, but we rarely make use of the memories we capture. 

      These moments in time are so precious; it’s a cliche but our families grow up so fast and these moments are fleeting. 

      So, I’ve created something new, a film that combines your personal memories with professionally shot footage. Something to keep, share, and treasure.

      Let me turn your last year into a beautiful home movie that will stand the test of time. Find out more by getting in touch here.